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Well I have just devoured your book -- Impossible to put down -- you have a sure winner! Not only was it a great read but I learned a heck of a lot in the process. You really need to find the best way to market this as it will appeal to a wide range of people."


"...the book is fantastic and sure to be a best seller -  just get the word out with some "tidbits" to the mystery adventure crowd as well as the environmentalists."


"The novel combines some very important elements: the inside story of the energy business and the climate crisis in a way that average people can really relate to: not why you should buy an energy-efficient light bulb but through a suspenseful story of a guy who started out as someone who was in his own way destroying the environment and ended up horrified at what he'd done and on a new and better path."


"Really exciting stuff... I could hear the voiceover for a movie trailer."


"Very enjoyable and informative. I think you have crafted a unique vehicle to educate the reader on some important issues. Great job! Who do you envision playing Mason Burnside in the movie?"


"I really, really enjoyed it and could not put it down.  I think you have a winner on your hands.  I loved all of your facts and kept going to the internet to check for fact or fiction.   You did a great job of getting a lot of points across while wrapping it in a really interesting story."


"The 'big message' is delivered, not sugar-coated, but spicy, tangy and palatable, with characters fully developed and fleshed out. You either love 'em or hate 'em. Lush and accurate descriptions of the scene and scenery. A nail biter from the opening page. A great plot that's not at all that "preachy" as it might well have been with lesser minds at the keyboard. Good job. I've not read any others of this genre. Do they even exist?"


"I am totally, absolutely immersed...I haven't put it down. I will be finished by this evening!!!”


“I read it and LOVED it!  Well done indeed!”


"It is fantastic-- information, suspense and humor all rolled into one. Thoroughly enjoyable!  For sure a winner!"


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