Mason Burnside was the number two man at Splendid Oil, a company with a budget larger than most countries. His top spot came from years of leaving a path of personal and ecological destruction in his wake while fighting to meet market demand. Long time rival, CEO Jack Masterson, finds a way to topple Burnside as his signature project in Ecuador turns into an environmental disaster. Now Burnside is demoted and head of the company’s token and toothless sustainability department.

After his idealistic new assistant, Ellen Greenbaum, convinces him to attend a global sustainability conference in New Orleans, Burnside finds himself in a struggle for survival amidst a category four hurricane, eventually stranding him on a rooftop with Diana Mars, one of the conference keynotes. Enthralled with Diana’s moral clarity and the power of her vision, as well as her beauty, Burnside begins to question his win-at-all-costs existence.

Returning to Houston, he learns how his predecessor, John Pennington, a man truly dedicated to the cause, has disappeared mysteriously somewhere in Asia after having stumbled upon an internal intrigue so damaging, that Masterson would stop at nothing to keep it secret. Burnside, recognizing the catastrophic possibilities, agrees to lead the rescue party, but only after he has faced his demons in a secretive and dangerous trip to the wilds of Ecuador, where a fateful decision he made years earlier doomed an entire region. What he discovers in Asia is a shock to everyone involved.

This sweeping story, that crisscrosses the planet at a feverish pace, is grounded in carefully researched science. Written by two authorities in both the environmental movement and the energy industry, it is as informative as it is entertaining. Roger Saillant, a former Ford Executive and CEO of Plug Power is a frequent international speaker on energy and sustainability. RP Siegel, is an award-winning inventor, freelance journalist and environmental advocate. The culmination of their experiences delivers a commentary on how the treacherous waters of environmental destruction can be navigated by individuals and corporations alike.